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Alternative fuels

KCPerformance promotes the use of alternative fuels. Fuels that make it possible to continue using combustion engines in the conventional way, but wishes to protect the environment by reducing emissions have thereby our preference. Bio-Ethanol and hydrogen are examples of such fuels. Depending on the application of the car, track usage for example, we also apply software accordingly.

Bio-Ethanol has advantages above conventional gasoline: a higher octane level and higher knock resistance and lower combustion temperatures. This is not only positive for maintaining your engine, but also facilitates a higher power output. Meanwhile KCPerformance has several years of experience in the use of bio-ethanol in both racing cars and cars that daily driven. The use of hydrogen is currently still in a pioneering phase, developments follow in rapid succession. KCPerformance together with partners is working to investigate the utility of hydrogen in normal cars and further developments.