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Software & chiptuning

In the past, ignition engines were simpler and were adjusted with the air / fuel mixture and idle speed. Modern engines are complex and the engine is controlled by the software in the engine management system. This software has been programmed in such a way that even in extreme conditions the factory specifications can be met, in higher and lower areas, in extreme heat, extreme freezing cold, moisture or drought and in overdue maintenance. Many cars are even offered new with different power issues based on an identical engine. There is therefore always a margin within which the performance, power and fuel consumption of modern engines can be improved.

KCPerformance develops software that uses the margin of the engine and turbo as efficiently as possible, taking into account the used parts, the application and / or upgrades. In addition to software modification, KCPerformance can also write software to only shut down the EGR or to remove it and to solve the various problems. Of course we also offer custom software to make optimal use of the adapted hardware.

We think it is important that the software fits the hardware and the use of the car, truck or boat and therefore choose to write our own software. Each adjustment is written and tested separately and tailored for each engine. Because of this we are sure that the disadvantages of pre-written software or power boxes are not applicable and we can also offer you an optimal service during and after chip tuning.



  • Improves performance
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Matching software with the hardware upgrades (turbo, injectors, exhaust)
  • Longer engine life by removing EGR
  • Adjustment based on use of the engine and specific requirements