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Automatic gearbox

There are different types of automatic gearboxes, one thing have the automatic gearboxes in common: there is no need to switch gears yourself. After turned in D(rive) the car switches automatically by an automatic circuit program. Four main variants of automatic gearboxes can be distinguished.

Robotized manual gearbox

This is a manual gearbox with a clutch system that automatically operates the car when changing gear. This can also be combined with an electronic switch robot, which also chooses the acceleration and the moments at which it is switched.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT actually has no real gears (sometimes for programmed positions) but can continuously vary in gears and corresponding speeds. Works often with, for example, a chain or push belt.

Conventional machine (with torque converter or clutch package)

An automatic gearbox works in a base with a regulated oil pressure and different clutches and planetary gears. These couplings are electronically controlled to switch on the various gears, the modern (conventional) automatic transmission is becoming increasingly complex. The torque converter or the clutch package that is in front of the machine ensures the coupling between the engine and the machine.

Automatic gearbox with double clutch

The automatic gearbox with double clutch is a very fast shifting machine. These types of machines put the next gear already pending, when switching only a clutch operation needed. This is not only very fast, but is in principle also more efficient than a conventional machine.

All gearbox types

For every type of machine, it requires specific maintenance and often software updates are possible, sometimes even customized software. Hardware adjustments / improvements are often also possible. If you have any questions about your machine, do not hesitate and contact KCPerformance.

Torque converter, overhaul, replace & strengthen

The torque converter is subject to wear and tear just like a clutch. The premature preventive replacement or overhaul of the torque converter ensures that the conventional automatic transmission lasts longer. It also applies that after this revision the car feels more powerful in the gears. Withholding and picking up at higher rpm can be completely solved. Depending on your wishes and the possible complaint we discuss the possibilities.

Strengthen the torque converter

In addition to replacing or overhauling the torque converter, we also offer the possibility to mount a stronger torque converter or even improve it to be able to process more power. The possibilities for this have been expanded and we are happy to discuss what is possible for your torque converter.

Re-learn / replace clutch

There are different types of automatic gearboxes in which a clutch is used, think of conventional automatic, but also semi-automatic gearboxes and automatic gearboxes with a double clutch. Well-known examples are DCT, DSG, MCT (SpeedShift) and PDK, but there are other automatics that make use of a clutch. The point of application of this clutch is electronically regulated and is automatically adapted. The adaptation can be re-initiated and a shocking gearbox can start smoothly switching gear again.

These clutches also do not have an infinite service life and will have to be replaced if there is too much wear. We are happy to assist and first determine whether replacement is necessary or whether re-training is sufficient. We also look at the condition of the gearbox and renew the oil. Questions? Contact us!


Overhauling a machine can be very complex depending on the type of machine. To work on this, experience is required. KCPerformance not only has a lot of experience with automating and reinforcing it, we also have experience with maintenance, software (both updates and modifications) and believe that an overhaul should fit the use of the car. Often after a description of the complaints and possibly a test drive it is already possible to say which specific part of the machine is worn or that maintenance may be sufficient. Thanks to our experience with the overhaul of automatic gearboxes to new specification or even better, the result suits your needs.

When refurbishing a gearbox we reinforce or replace the most important components, for this we always use new parts, these can be developed or purchased depending on the application itself. Parts that are replaced with a standard automatic overhaul are for example: bushes, bearings, rings, clutch kit, sunshell, planetary gears, valves, valve springs, servos, gaskets and the oil pump. Of course this is highly dependent on the type of machine, but for every machine applies: the correct components and the re-learning of the machine are crucial for a good end result.

Limited slip differential

What is a limited slip differential? A limited slip differential is a differential that ensures the speed difference between the wheels driven by the differential, the speed difference is reduced or even eliminated. Both wheels can be connected to a maximum star. With a normally 'open' differential, the wheels can rotate freely and there is no mechanical device to limit speed differences. With a limited speed difference, there is more grip, you can accelerate faster though the corner and drift with more control, but the car is also safer because of improved handling.

A front-wheel drive car often has the differential in the same housing as the gearbox, we can also place a limited slip differential here. Do you have a rear-wheel drive car, then the differential is separately built into the rear axle, also here we can install a limited slip differential. If your car has four-wheel drive, please inquire specific possibilities. Here, too, there are possibilities to install single or double differentials.

If your car does not have a limited slip differential, KCPerformance will be happy to build it for you. There are different variants and possibilities, let us inform you. For example, we assemble Quaife ATB, Eaton TrueTrac and Wavetrac, and we can also replace the bearings in which the differential is mounted.

Automatic software (updating, adjusting and learning)

Modern automatic gearboxes are controlled by electronics, where the software determines when it is switched. An example of one of the latest generation of controls is Megatronic. The megatronic teaches the behavior of the driver but also specific environmental factors such as temperature and load. In combination with standard data and specific car data, it is then determined when the machine switches.

The basic settings / key data of your machine can often be updated, but in many cases can also be adjusted. We can thus better connect the machine to your application. Of course it is also possible to have your machine restarted with a learning route, this is usually a special test drive. KCPerformance also helps you with the software settings or adjustments to your machine, these settings are for a large part responsible for switching and the feeling while driving your car.

Automatic "standalone" control (drift / race / oldtimer / etc)

Adjusting the electronics of an automatic gearboxes cannot be unlimited and for specific applications this may not be sufficient. Even then KCPerformance can help and equip a machine with a Standalone Transmission - ECU, an onboard computer especially for controlling the machine, with this we can completely customize the settings of the machine.

Automatic gearbox maintenance / rinsing / changing oil

It is often thought that maintenance is not necessary for automatic gearboxes, but this is not true. Maintenance is crucial for a machine to function properly. Maintenance by KCPerformance goes beyond just rinsing or changing oil, we also replace the filter and depending on the machine, the use and the mileage, we also preventively replace the torque converter, if necessary, we then mount a stronger torque converter.

KCPerformance offers both the flushing of the machine and the changing of the machine oil. The choice for this depends on the build-up of the tank and the mileage, washing is sometimes less wise than changing. We choose to rinse or refresh with quality oil without further additions to clean or protect, as our experience is that this causes more problems than dissolves.

If you are interested in having your machine serviced by us, please contact KCPerformance, we will make an appropriate proposal.

Automatically reinforce customized

More power than the machine can handle? Depending on your machine and the modifications to your car, it may be that the power cannot be processed by the machine that is mounted in a car. Even with some cars, the standard car and automatic combination already requires adjustments for the demanding user. KCPerformance likes to help with this, this can be software modifications, but also hardware modifications in order to process more power.

The machine can handle more power by:

  • Adjustments to the software
  • Adjustments to electronics and possible standalone gearbox electronics
  • Adjustments to torque converter and lock speed of the torque converter
  • Adjustments to hydraulic system
  • Adjustments to cooling
  • Adjustments to torque limitation in motor electronics
  • Adjustments to clutch (DCT / DSG etc)
  • Adjustments to clutch and planetary gears
  • Adjustments to final drive

If you have questions about adjustments to your machine to be able to process more power, please contact KCPerformance, we are happy to help.

Custom machine cooler

Problems with automatic gearboxes often arise due to overheating. To prevent this, KCPerformance assembles a (larger) cooler to keep the oil at the right working temperature. Depending on the type of machine, cooler and whether the machine is equipped with a standard oil thermostat, we can install a thermostat if necessary.

KCPerformance has gearbox coolers and thermostats in stock, of course we also have all components in stock to make custom pipes in both AN6, AN8 and larger AN sizes. Depending on the need for cooling, this size is determined.

If your car does not have an automatic gearboxes cooler or an automatic gearboxes cooler without enough capacity, contact KCPerformance. We are happy to help keeping your machine at the right temperature!