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Custom engine rebuild

If your requirements deviate from the standard, we will build the motor in such a way that it meets your requirements. This means that the components we use during the revision / re-conditioning of your engine are of an appropriate quality. The chosen components are in line with the estimated power and use.

Customized pistons

KCPerformance has developed pistons for various engines, so we have not opted for standard solutions, or standard solutions of performance brands. This is because there are often more options, such as thicker piston rings, a lighter piston, a better piston for turbo pressure and nos. But also for example to reduce oil consumption, the result is at least equal and usually better than the original.

Customized connecting rods

Standard connecting rods are often suitable for a certain capacity, at KCPerformance we understand that the connecting rods and especially the bearing and the bolts are of exceptional importance at higher powers than original. We design our connecting rods to suit the application and the power of the engine under construction. We can mill these for a single motor, but can also deliver small series productions. We do this series production for various engines, KCPerformance has developed customized solutions for various BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Saab engines, which we of course assemble ourselves, but also sell for assembly by third parties.

Optimization of oil pump and water pump

Cooling is vital for the performance of every engine, regardless of fuel. If required, we can increase the cooling capacity of the oil pump and / or water pump. This can be done by, for example, installing drysum to guarantee the amount of oil and oil pressure circulated under extreme conditions. The same applies to the addition of an extra electric water pump or a second cooling circuit, in order to increase the cooling capacity and ensure the motor of sufficient cooling and thus extend the life span.