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Dyno/Rolling road (four-wheel)

To test the performance of a car, develop software and perform troubleshooting on an engine KCPerformance has a 4x4 dyno. We run our tests on the latest generation rolling road by dynosta, the W4X. This dyno is suitable for almost every car thanks to the mechanically adjustable wheelbase from 2 to 3.5 meters. Our W4X is equipped with a anti slip coating to prevent slipping of the wheels when measuring a lot of power (torque). The Dynostar W4X four wheel dyno has a drive line with synchronised rolls, this has the advantage that even vehicles with anti-lock braking system, traction control and ESP are able to be measured easily.

Our dyno is mounted in the floor and has 4 large rolls, one rol per wheel and therefore very low (sports) cars can be measured. The rolling road is also equipped with forced air cooling to provide the car with “driving wind” for the cooling.

The Dynostar W4X can performance both static tests and dynamic power measurements. Examples are: roll on, negative test, all gear, variable transmission, fast acceleration, multiple speeds and among others an acceleration test. The dyno measures and calculates automatic losses in the drive line and then calculates the power to the crankshaft, there’s also the possibility to measure wheel power, both manual and automatic.

Why a test on the rolling road:

  • Measure power, even after a repair or rebuild
  • Checking the state of the engine, is it running properly?
  • Checking the AFR-value (air fuel ratio) / poor or rich running engine
  • Second opinion of a tune or engine setting (tuning by tuner without a dyno/ power output after a repair)
  • Testing software/hardware modifications on an engine
  • Adjustment of standalone motormanagement
  • Dyno days


Test in combination with chiptuningfrom € 75,-
Test without chiptuningfrom € 125,-
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