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Common rail & diesel pump

Diesel engines are becoming more and more complex, a modern common rail fuel system is a good example. The common rail fuel system, the amount of injected diesel regulates by controlling the opening and closing of the injectors. The ECU controls the injection timing, frequency per combustion cycle and pressure in the common rail system. The amount of fuel that is needed is calculated by the ECU and determined on the basis of a number of factors, the most important; speed, air flow, engine load, air temperature, engine temperature and pressure in the common rail system.

In order to perform diagnostics on the common rail system, it is important to use the proper diagnostic equipment, but also to understand how the common rail system works.
The common rail fuel system consists of an electronic control, low and high pressure fuel area.

The most important components.

Components of low-pressure fuel section; Fuel, low-pressure fuel pump (pvoerpomp), fuel filter, low-pressure fuel lines, fuel return lines.
Components of the high-pressure fuel: high pressure pump, high pressure fuel lines, rail and electrical solenoid injectors. get all
Electronic section includes various sensors and is controlled by the ECU.

If there are problems with your common rail system contact KCPerformance, we have, depend on the error codes occur, several possible solutions for your car.