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Sway bar

A stabilizer bar, sway bar or stabilizer ensures that the body of the car leans less when it is turned into a bend. The stabilizer bar connects a left and right wheel with each other and is attached to the chassis by means of stabilizer arms. It ensures stiffness in the chassis without the feeling of choppy or hard roadholding.

The swinging and rolling of the vehicle is kept in control by this rod. It forces both sides of the car to stay at the same level and reduces the sideways tilting of the vehicle in sharp turns and big bumps. The tire load is distributed more evenly, resulting in more grip.

Also, thanks to the stabilizer bar, the behavior of the car can be changed. This way you can influence the oversteer or understeer. This is possible by varying the thickness of the rod and by moving the location of the stabilizer arms.

A worn stabilizer bar may cause unpredictable driving behavior, especially when cornering. Worn stabilizer arms or bushes can cause the stabilizer bar to fail to function correctly or to cause noise nuisance.

KCPerformance is happy to inform you about the possibilities. From a new set to adjustments of your current stabilizer.