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Custom Saab 9-5

The new Saab 9-5 is not for sale anymore. Are you interested in driving a SAAB 9-5 that's as good as new or even better? KCPerformance builds you an improved SAAB 9-5 that fits the requirements of today, with more power and better handling characteristics. Why a SAAB? Because it's a car for enthusiasts who just want to be slightly "different", those who want to stand out from the crowd.

KCPerformance offers a tailor-fit SAAB 9-5 that is completely custom built to meet every wish. There is already a large number of customized KCPerformance 9-5's around. The models vary from the first to the later generations, the possibilities are endless.

KCPerformance builds the 9-5 of your dreams!

The possibilities include from "standard" new to completely custom built engine.

  • From 'standard' to completely new built custom engines.
  • For instance, both the 2.0T and the 2.3T engine,
    both with a capacity for approximately 600BHP (Petrol / Bio-Ethanol).
  • The 1.9CTDI diesel with an output of approximately 250hp is also available.
  • Petrol engines are always built up with the by KCPerformance developed new pistons and bearings.
  • KCPerformance also offers you a broad choice of conrods, camshafts and cylinder heads, suitable for higher speeds.
  • Custom built aluminum intercooler (diesel and petrol)
  • Modifications to the drivetrain (gearbox, clutch and flywheel)
  • Improving the brakes by using using standard upgrades or even big-brake kits.
    For the SAAB 9-5 this is of course including a custom fit master cylinder.
  • A completely rebuilt chassis, making use of the best brand s and materials.
    This includes by KCPerformance developed subframe and wishbone bushes, strut bars and swaybars (front and rear).