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Custom classic car

A classic car can be a beauty and great fun driving it, but at the same time be a source of annoyance and unexpected costs.

In addition, there is often room for improvement on reliability and handling, not to mention safety. Of course this is partly "charming" and "characteristic", but by improving on these aspects you'll only enjoy your old-timer even more. Not just fixing and polishing, but do what the car is made for: hit the road!

KCPerformance offers a variety of "Custom Classic" services. We can for example assist you on finding, inspecting and ""as needed"" importing the classic car of your dreams. In addition we can recondition the car, including but not limited to engine revisions, carburettor to injection conversions and tuning. We can renew or improve a classic chassis to improve handling. Reconditioning, revision and maintenance are done using the most modern techniques, but respecting originality if you wish so.