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by KCPerformance Toyota Corolla Verso 2.2 D-4D Projects




  • Removed the DPF


  • Removed the DPF from the software
  • Read engine error codes


  • Replaced oil and oil filter

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

When the DPF on a Toyota Corrola Verso needs to be changed, it is standard procedure at the Toyota dealership that the engine has to be removed to replace the filter. As you can guess, this will involve lots of man hours and the operation comes with an expensive price tag. This procedure doesn't even solve the problem, the new DPF will again clogg up with soot after a while and the dealer will charge you again for this procedure that doesn't solve anything. Or you could come to KCPerformance.
On this Corrola Verso we removed the DPF filter without removing the engine from the car. Our solution saved a lot of work hours and a lot of unnecessary costs. Certain components were disconnected from the engine so we could partially lower it on a stand. The DPF filter was emptied and everything mounted back in place. The DPF error was removed from the software and the engine received a small service with a service interval reset. We checked if there were any errors and the Toyota was ready for delivery.
The Corrola Verso is now able to drive many care free miles without any possible
DPF problems popping up. And so not to repeat the procedure with the attached unnecessary costs, as would be the case at the Toyota dealership.


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