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Fiat Ducato 244 2.8TD Mobilehome (ID-EN-58)



Engine modifications

  • Fine tuned turbo boost
  • Fine tuned diesel pump


We at KCPerformance are able to tune any vehicle. From small town cars to large mobile homes. We proved it with this big Eura Mobil. These mobile homes are build on the base of a Fiat Ducato with a 2.8TD engine. Unfortunately this client wasn't able use his 5th gear as the mobile home would not accelerate because of the lack of power. Though the engine isn't able to be chiptuned, KCPerformance found a way to increase the power. We raised the boost of the turbo and increased the amount of fuel injected by fine tuning the diesel pump. After a test drive the client immediately felt a large difference. He was now able to accelerate in 5th gear and he had now the power to drive up the hill. Now he can enjoy the drive to his destination instead of only the stay at his holiday destination.

KCPerformance project: Fiat Ducato 244 2.8TD Mobilehome, photo 1

Tuning stages, maintenance and options

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