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Subaru Tribeca B9 3.0 (ID-EN-45)




  • Exhaust modified for 2 race cataysts


  • Modification in software for race catalysts


  • Spark plugs replaced
  • Brakepads replace


A Subaru dealer showed this client the door with a nice invoice and a car that still wasn't fixed. A friend of his pointed him to us, so he knocked on the door at KCPerformance and told us his story. We did some research about the car, as you seldom see a Subaru Tribeca. Hereafter we modified the exhaust system to weld in 2 race catalysts. The software was also modified to be compatible with the new catalysts. We also changed the spark plugs, this was one of the reasons why the engine didn't run smoothly. This was never done by the dealer. After further inspection we saw that the brake pads were very worn. We also replaced them. When the client retrieved his car, he was very happy that he could find his trust back in the vehicle and that all his problems were solved.

KCPerformance project: Subaru Tribeca B9 3.0, photo 1

Tuning stages, maintenance and options

The EZ30 engine is used in these cars

Subaru B9 Tribeca 3.0R EZ30 Gasoline 2005 (car-id:9473)
Subaru B9 Tribeca 3.0R EZ30 Gasoline 2005 (car-id:9473)

Engine Family: EZ30 EZ30
From: to 2007 BHP / NM

Subaru Tribeca 3.0 EZ30 Gasoline 2008 (car-id:9601)
Subaru Tribeca 3.0 EZ30 Gasoline 2008 (car-id:9601)

Engine Family: EZ30
From: to 2010 BHP / NM

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