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by KCPerformance Mercedes W204 C220CDI Projects


OM646 150-170hp


  • Removed DPF
  • Modified exhaust for nicer exhaust sound

Engine modifications

  • Tested all injectors
  • Installed one new injector


  • Paired new injector to car
  • Paired new ECU to car
  • Removed DPF
  • Removed EGR
  • KCPerformance Stage 2 Chiptuning - 228 HP & 518 Nm


  • Installed new ECU


  • Installed C63 AMG rear fender covers
  • Installed C63 AMG door sills
  • Installed C63 AMG steering wheel cover
  • Installed C63 door pins front and rear

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

KCPerformance can help you get rid of all your mechanical and electronic gremlins. The knowledge of a dealer or specialist workshop is often not as extensive that they can even solve the most complex problems. In most cases they ask help from a company which specializes in these kind of errors. Often the dealers or garages bring those cars to us, but also individuals are welcome to bring their car to us to solve those problems or if the workshop where they bring their car will not help them, can't help them or simply ask astronomical prices to solve those problems.

This BBA member came to us with his story. His ECU was damaged by another tuner and they offered him a cheap Tuningbox. The car broke down and was brought to the Mercedes dealer who offered him a huge bill. After contacting us he had more confidence in leaving his car with us.

We began to diagnose the car and read all the error codes. We came to the conclusion that the previous tuner had irreparably damaged the ECU and so it had to be replaced. Also the cheap tuningbox resulted in a bad injection. We removed the injectors and tested them, one of the injectors was broken as a result of too much fuel pressure by the tuningbox. The 3 good injectors were mounted back and the faulty injector was replaced by a new one. We ordered an ECU and flashed it with the standard software. .

Now that the car was running smoothly, we were instructed to tune it. Thus, the DPF was emptied and removed the middle resonator to make a beautiful growl come from the tailpipes. The software was modified, so the DPF and EGR errors were deleted and the EGR closed. We also wrote a custom KCPerformance Chiptuning to increase the power to 228 HP and 518 Nm.

At the request of the customer's we also installed some AMG goodies. So the car received new C-Class C63 door sills, new C63 trim on the rear fenders, new C63 door pins and C63 trim on the steering wheel.

The car was now restored back to it's reliably self. He now has more power, a nice exhaust sound and in conjunction with the AMG goodies resulted in one beauty of a C-class..


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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