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by KCPerformance Mercedes W221 S320CDI Projects


OM642 2005


  • DPF Delete


  • Deleted DPF from software

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This S-Class came to us because of DPF problems and the wish for a deeper exhaust sound. As the car already has a sport exhaust we proposed to remove the DPF and see if the sound was to his liking. This way he hits 2 birds with 1 stone and the exhaust wouldn't need to be replaced.

The filter was removed and emptied. We reinstalled it to the OM642 engine and modified the software so that there will never be a check engine light regarding the DPF.

After a test drive the customer liked the deep sound that his car has while maintaining the class of the car. Thus, he can enjoy a nice growl in combination with a prolonged life time of the engine.


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