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by KCPerformance Saab 9-5 Sedan Aero 2.3 Turbo Projects




  • KCPerformance front wishbone front polyurethane bushings
  • KCPerformance front wishbone rear polyurethane bushings including aluminium sleeve
  • KCPerformance rear trailing arm polyurethane bushings


  • Bilstein B8 shock absorbers 30mm lowering
  • KCPerformance spring set 30m lowering
  • Front top bearings and top mounts


  • New thermostat
  • New radiator


  • New steering- en balljoints
  • New sway bar links

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

The owner of this beautiful Saab 9-5 Aero sedan 2.3 Turbo Aero came to us to bring his car back in top condition. After we talked with the client, we suggested a series of updates to transform his car in a real dream to drive.

The front wishbones and rear trailing arms received KCPerformance polyurethane bushings and we installed mounted new steering- and ball joints. We also replaced the stabilizer links. The shock absorbers and springs were thanked for their service and in their place came Bilstein B8 dampers and KCPerformance springs with new top mounts and bearings, these improved the handling of the car and lowered it with 30mm. We also noticed that the radiator and thermostat were in need of replacement, so new ones were put in place.

The car was delivered and the customer was very satisfied with the first steps of his restoration project. There will be more updates to come in the future so keep up to date with this project. We are looking forward!


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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