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by KCPerformance Mercedes W204 C350CGI Projects




  • KCPerformance strut brace
  • KCPerformance polyurethane bushings front trailing arm


  • KW DDC Ecu coilovers
  • AST topmounts
  • KW DDC Eliminators


  • Custom front brake calipers brackets to retrofit Audi S8 carbon ceramic brakes

Engine modifications

  • Supersprint headers


  • KCPerformance stage 1+ chiptuning 320hp and 400Nm

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

There are certain brands/items that don't directly have aftermarket solutions in a catalog, if this is the case or when the quality is not up to our standards, we develop components ourselves. This can range from a kit to delete the swirl valves or a downpipe to a complete turbo kit or custom brakes. All parts are calculated and developed in house so that we can be sure of the quality and the usability of the component. For this reason, this Mercedes C350 CGI came to us. He had the desire to have a Audi Ceramic brake kit of an Audi S8 mounted on his Mercedes W204. We went to work with the caliper and rotor in order to calculate the optimal claw spacing from the rim and the size of the heart was calculated. The heart of the carbon ceramic brake disc was modified and refurbished, the bracket of the claw was renedered and the forces on the bracket were calculated. After we were sure about the quality of the bracket we milled a bracket to test the fitment. A small adjustment was made so that the final bracket was lighter but still strong enough and then we produced them.

Furthermore, we got the honor to deliver a set of Supersprint headers, KW DDC ECU coilovers with KW DDC eliminators and AST topmounts, KCPerformance strutbar and KCPerformance polyurethane bushings for the front suspension arms so he could install them himself. We wrote a KCPerformance chiptune stage 1+ tailored to his car and deleted some error messages regarding the catalysts.

The customer is very happy with the work that was done to his car and the upgrades that we provided. The brakes don't only look great, they also have an out of this world stopping power! This combined with a good chassis, tighter rubbers, sturdy topmounts, thick strut brace, a strong engine and a proper mapping turn this car in a real beast! All upgrades also have proven themselves during all 4600km of the Modball Rally 2014.


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KCPerformance modified hundreds of cars, all brands and all types Some "only" did a Stage 1, others were overhauled completely or restored and "optimized".

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