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by KCPerformance Porsche 970 Panamera Turbo 4.8 V8TT Projects




  • Supersprint downpipes
  • KCPerformance resonator delete pipes with 100 cell race catalysts


  • KCPerformance stage 2 chiptune: 614hp and 850Nm


  • New NGK spark plugs

by KCPerformance Overview Projects

"There is always room for improvement", this one of the ten commandments at KCPerformance. Even with a Porsche Panamera Turbo there is always the possibility to achieve better performance and more driving pleasure out the already strong base this car has. With it's 4.8 V8 twin turbo it surely isn't a snail. But when we gave the car a thorough check, we saw some points where there was room for improvement.

In the first stage of the upgrades we focused on raising the performance. The car was put on a dyno so that we could see a before and after result of the performance. As we have already noticed a few times with some brands, a car can deliver less power then the factory lists. This Panamera Turbo also delivered less power in real life then on paper. The best run was only 463hp and 643Nm instead of 500hp and 700Nm. Time to enhance the performance!

The original downpipes with catalysts and the center pipe with silencer were taken off the car. Supersprint downpipes without catalysts were installed for a better flow of the exhaust gasses. After the downpipes we replaced the center muffler with KCPerformance muffler delete pipes with 100 cell catalysts for the Panamera Turbo and Turbo S. We removed the ECU from the car so we could modify the software to optimize it and adjust it for the race catalysts. After some tests the software was worthy of the KCPerformance stamp and the ECU was reinstalled. The spark plugs were replaced and all the covers under the car and in the engine compartment were fitted back in place.

The car was placed on the dyno again after the updates and the outcome was astonishing: 614hp and a huge amount of torque: 850Nm! That's nothing to complain about...

The Porsche was ready for delivery together with the reports from the dyno measurement, because "The Dyno doesn't lie". After a test drive with the client we were convinced that he was very happy with the result, the smile on his face says it all. This Porsche Panamera Turbo is transformed from a smooth comfortable car to a luxurious polyvalent rocket. With it's heaps of torque he is able to drive easy and comfortable without the engine feeling to nervous and once you press the pedal deeper, the car launches hard with a powerful growl. We will be upgrading this car even more in the future, so stay tuned!


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