Did you know your car can perform better?
Modern engine control software is programmed in such a way that under normal circumstances the factory provided specifications are always met, even if there is a backlog in maintenance. This leaves a margin that can be used to improve performance. KCPerformance develops software that utilizes this margin from the engine and turbo (if applicable) as efficient as possible, fitted to the individual car and its use. Improving performance increases efficiency; a more economic fuel consumption is possible. Of course KCPerformance also has the knowledge and experience to optimize the other driving characteristics of your car as well. Optimizing your car from top to bottom enables you to responsibly enjoy every BHP driving both straight lines and challenging curves!
Tuning: hardware
KCPerformance develops hardware fit for daily commuting and even not failing on a race track either.
Tuning: software
The technicians at KCPerformance develop optimized software, custom made for all engines.
Diesel Technology
KCPerformance is specialized in tuning diesel engines, we're also very experienced with diagnosing and repairing.
Chassis technology
An optimized chassis adds more feeling, balance and control.
Turbo and compressor
More fun with fewer cubic inches, more power by improved turbocharging.
Regular maintenance
The importance of regular maintenance should not be underestimated. Backlogs and the resulting damage are often more troublesome and expensive to resolve than preventative maintenance.
Custom car
Passionate about cars, a well-defined wish list, but not able to find your motoring match? Read more about: Custom Car / Custom Classic / Custom 9-5 / Custom SAAB 900 Classic / Custom Racecar
Alternative fuel
KCPerformance endorses the use of non-conventional fuels. We prefer fuels that allow conventional use of an engine in a more environmentally friendly way by reducing pollution.